Corn & Butter Cake with Lemon

I had an inexplicable urge to draw some corn. So I did.


I completed this drawing fairly quickly (by my standards anyway). I started this blog so that I would draw more, get more practice and improve my skills. But I’m surprised at how quickly just three months of drawing has improved the speed at which I can draw. I still have a long way to go, however, before I can be one of those amazing people that can whip out a drawing a day.

This week’s dessert is butter cake with lemon. Last week I made butter cake, and I liked it so much I thought I would try it with some lemon. I followed the same recipe except I added the rind of one lemon and baked it in a loaf pan instead of a square pan. It was just as light and fluffy as it was last week, but the lemon didn’t add as much of an extra kick as I thought it would. I really like this recipe because it’s extremely fast and super moist, so I’m going to try it again next week with some chocolate…



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