Mother & Baby & Chocolate Butter Cake

This week’s drawing is once again for my daughter (it didn’t photograph very well).


I had made a similar drawing for my son when he was born, and so I thought it only fair that my daughter should have one too. Here is the one I made for my son almost three years ago:


The inspiration for this drawing was, believe it or not, toilet paper. Remember Cold Man? Well, the bathroom that houses the tiles that inspired Cold Man is also home to some toilet paper with a little flower pattern. When I was pregnant with my son, every time I used that toilet paper I would see a mother holding her baby in the flower. I clearly had baby on the brain!

I made some butter cake again this week. In fact I made it twice! The first time, I followed the original recipe posted here, but I added four tablespoons of cocoa powder and omitted the vanilla. I also used white sugar since I’m almost out of brown sugar. The result wasn’t quite chocolatey enough, so I made it again, this time using three tablespoons of cocoa powder and one square of unsweetened baking chocolate. The second time it was delicious, but a little too crumbly. Maybe a little extra sugar or an extra egg next time…



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