Dilapidated Flat in Istanbul

I have decided to alternate between desserts and drawings; one week I’ll post some art and the next some dessert. My main motive for doing so is to shed the remainder of my pregnancy weight. Baking a delicious treat every week hasn’t been doing me any favours, especially since I’m home with my daughter all day and therefore am the one who ends up eating the most of whatever I’ve made! So this week there is no dessert, but here is a drawing I have been working on for over a month:


Eight years ago while visiting my grandmother in Istanbul I took a photo of an extremely rundown flat inbetween two beautifully renovated ones. Places like this always intrigue me; I imagine what the inside looks like, if anyone still enters the building, and what will become of it in the long run–will it ever be renovated to match it’s neighbours?

The photograph of my drawing isn’t the best quality, but I must say I’m quite pleased with my work. I toiled over it for many hours and am very happy with the end result.


3 thoughts on “Dilapidated Flat in Istanbul

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