House in the Snowy Woods

Here is a pencil drawing I have been working on for two weeks:


I usually draw original scenes, or things I have photographed myself, but once in a while I draw something based on another artist’s work. This house was inspired by one of the pictures in the yearly calendar we receive from our realtor. Unfortunately, the photographer’s name was not provided in the calendar. The source is stated as maxX images, however I was unable to find the photograph on their website; perhaps they have since given up the rights to sell it. 

I chose to make a different background as I wanted the house to be the focal point of the drawing. Some of the angles and spaces are a little off because I mostly “eye-balled” it instead of properly measuring everything. I also had to improvise a few bushes here and there because I spilled some tea which left brown stains and warped the paper. Oops!

Here is the original photograph if you wish to compare…



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