Old Drawings

I haven’t been able to finish a drawing for several weeks. I have about seven or eight things I’m working on at the same time so nothing is getting finished. My kids have also been sick, and my daughter decided she didn’t want to nap last week. Needless to say my drawings are progressing very slowly. In the meantime, here are two drawings I came across while looking through an old sketchbook.

This is a painting I started (and never completed) when I was twelve. I recall taking an extracurricular watercolour class, but I don’t think it was a recurring class. I remember only one afternoon of sitting and painting at picnic tables next to the large basement windows of my elementary school. That would explain why I never finished it. (I clearly wasn’t being taught how to properly use watercolours!)


This is a doodle I made in high school, somewhere between the ages of 15 and 17. My technical skills were obviously worse back then, but I was much more creative.


I may revisit this drawing in the future and make an updated version…


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