Dream Scene

I haven’t been blogging for a little over a month, mostly because my maternity leave has ended, I’m back at work and I’m exhausted! I have only been able to make time for some quick sketches and all my projects have unfortunately been put on hold. But I have decided that no matter how tired I am I need to make the effort to at least post my sketches. And on that note, here is this week’s post:

I often have recurring dreams and many of my dreams often take place in the same locations. My parents’ house in Montreal is understandably where a lot of my dreams take place since I spent 15 years of my life there. Another Montreal location I frequently dream of is the Sherbrooke Street and Guy Street area. That was where I attended University, and where many restaurants and bars I frequented in my youth are located. I am beginning to dream of downtown Montreal less and less as the years go by, but about one year ago I had a dream that I couldn’t shake for a long time. I can no longer remember what the dream was about (probably not much!), but one image has stayed with me; I was standing at the foot of two very tall skyscrapers (that don’t actually exist) at the corner of Sherbrooke and Guy, and some ominous clouds were circling the tops of the buildings. I made a quick sketch of the memory:


And then made a slightly more detailed sketch using the Paper app on the ipad:


I’m not sure I would do the image in my head justice on oil and canvas, so it may just remain a simple sketch in my archives…