Drawings in Progress

Two posts in one week! Can you tell I’m on vacation? My daughter’s daycare provider is on vacation so I also have the week off (well, “off-ish” since it’s not entirely a vacation when you’ve got a 14 month old!). But so far my little lady has been napping well and I’ve had much more time than usual to work on my blog. I still don’t have all that much time to draw unfortunately, because we are in the process of moving, so any spare time I have is spent packing, cleaning, calling flooring contractors, going to the bank, etc…I did take some time today to look over the many projects I have in the works. They were all started before my maternity leave ended and haven’t been touched since…

This is a stairwell in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. I took this photograph back in 2007:


These are some houses around the corner from where I live in Kanata, Ontario:


These are some old houses in Safranbolu, Turkey (a UNESCO World Heritage site). I took this photograph during a family trip in 2008:


Finally, here is House in Bruges 2 (click here to see House in Bruges):



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