New House & Apple Pie

I haven’t posted in a long time, mainly because we’ve moved, and besides the general unpacking and organizing there are also a lot of renovations to do! And when you work full time and have two children under 4 you don’t get a lot of free time to work on renos…by the time my husband and I finish the daily chores we usually only have 1 to 1.5 hours in the evening to work on renovations. Needless to say it’s been a little slow going. But we’re almost finished with our daughter’s room—the carpeting has been removed and my husband finished laying in the hard wood this week. The painting is almost done and we’re hoping to have our daughter moved in to her proper room by the end of the weekend. I’ll post a “before & after” photo when it is finished, but in the meantime here is a quick sketch of the house that’s been taking up all of our time:


Two weekends ago we went apple picking, and then I actually had time to bake over the Thanksgiving long weekend so I made some good old apple pie. I used my favourite Jacques Pepin crust recipe posted here. For the filling I chopped about 6 Cortland apples (that’s what we got when we went apple picking) into small cubes and cooked them for about 15-20 minutes with lots of cinnamon, a little bit of brown sugar and a tiny bit of water.


I baked the pie at 450 F for about 50-55 minutes, until the crust was golden brown:


There was a decent amount of crust leftover, so I made a little blueberry torte. I simply rolled out the dough, placed it in a small corning ware dish, filled it with frozen blueberries, folded over the edges and baked it at 450 F.


It turned out pretty well, but the blueberries weren’t sweet enough on their own. I think a little bit of sugar would have made the torte less bland. Meanwhile the apple pie was good, but it was definitely missing the vanilla ice cream (we only had chocolate ice cream in the freezer and all the stores were closed on Monday!!). I also wouldn’t use Cortland apples for a pie again, it’s definitely better with McIntosh or Spartan apples. The Cortland apples almost seemed to overpower the taste of the crust. That vanilla ice cream really would have helped….