New Projects

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I have been busy. Especially these last few weeks; I’ve forsaken many chores, and the piles of dirty laundry continue to grow exponentially, but I don’t feel bad or guilty about it because I’m getting some drawing done! I haven’t actually completed anything yet because instead of working on my many drawings in progress I’ve started a heap of new projects.

Here is a winter scene from a neighbourhood near ours:


I’ve made some decent progress since I took this photo, I may actually finish it soon.

This is the maple tree in our back yard:


I was making progress with this drawing as well, but things came to a halt when I decided to draw our daughter’s home daycare provider’s house (as a thank you gift; our daughter will be starting preschool in August):


I only started this one three days ago, but since I have an actual deadline for once it may get done quickly (“quickly” by my standards anyway!).

This scene has been on my “to do” list since 1995 (!) which is when I took the original photo on a small island in Foça, Turkey:


My husband took this photo a few months ago:


He was working late and the sun had mostly set when he walked out of his building into the parking lot. He correctly assumed that I would be very interested in drawing this scene, although I’m not sure if I’ll ever tackle it with oils. For now I’m sketching it with the Paper 53 app:


I’m also working on a portrait of my friend and her husband:


She doesn’t know about it, so I have to remember not to share this post on Facebook!

Finally, this oil painting was started a few years ago while on maternity leave with my son—when I actually had time for oil paints! It’s 90% finished, I just want to add some snow here and there. Hopefully now that I’ve posted about it I’ll feel some extra pressure to get it done!



6 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. Simla your work is very inspiring. I love your drawings – the neighborhood is great, and the tree is amazing in detailing and those branches! This was fun reading about all your projects in motion, that’s a lot – love seeing the progress photographs. Your friends will love their portrait ~


  2. Ooh, that *is* a good photo. Aww, I like the portrait 🙂
    I remember that Foca photo! Funny, in some ways, it was better in the old days when we had very few photos of things, and each photo became special. Nowadays we’d probably have 1000s of photos of Foca sun and sand and sea and rock formations…

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