Drawing with my Kids

Our children are still quite young (2 and 4 ½), so while they do enjoy drawing and doing crafts, their artistic abilities are obviously limited. But I still relish the few moments we sit down together to draw. One of my favourite things to do is collaborate with our son, and turn his lines and squiggles into more complete drawings. I often see images in the things he makes, (like I posted about here), and the other day he drew a shape that looked very much like a bird to me. His work is still evident in the drawing below—he is responsible for the general orange outline of the bird, including the wing (just for the record, he wasn’t trying to draw a bird):


Another line he drew greatly resembled a large rock, so I threw in a few extra squiggles and being a boring regular adult simply added a gecko climbing the rock. I asked him what else we should put on it, and being a bright-imaginative-think-outside-the-box child he suggested a school bus.


One day my husband got in on the action and started making a curvy pattern. He never had time to finish, and later on I turned his drawing into an alien (my husband’s work includes the main outline of the creature as well as the outline of his eyeball):



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