Lysa’s House

Today is my daughter’s last day at her home daycare. She’s been going to Lysa everyday for a little over a year (since my mat leave ended). My son also went to Lysa’s house for a year and a half before he started preschool. They both love Lysa and she loves them–she has been like an Aunt to them, and has taken such good care of them. She has been a blessing to us and we are going to miss her dearly. (Thankfully we will still see her once in a while–she lives next door to my sister-in-law!)

When it was time for our son to move on we had given Lysa a gift card for a spa as a thank you, but this time I wanted to give her something  more personal and heartfelt so I drew a picture of her house:


It didn’t turn out as well as some of my other house drawings. Partially it was because I had to work in the evenings when natural light was waning, and I don’t do well under artificial lighting. I was also under more pressure since I had a deadline and the drawing was actually for somebody! But it’s mostly because my drawings never feel finished–I always feel like there’s something I can touch up or fix, so I have to force myself to just stop. (It does actually look better in person, the camera on my phone doesn’t always do my drawings justice.) At least I made the right choice with the frame: