Dreary Winter Afternoon

I may not have posted anything in a while, but I have been getting a lot of drawing done. One of my “drawings in progress” is finally complete: a winter-y scene from a neighbourhood near my own. I’m  always looking around for inspiration while walking our dog, Chester, and one day I was taken by the lighting and colour (or lack there-of) in this scene:


This is my favourite type of subject matter these days. Drawing buildings and trees is incredibly satisfying.  Buildings I enjoy because the lines are precise and obvious, and trees because, although the major lines are clear, you can attack the branches with abandon and still produce a fairly accurate depiction of the real thing.


I took the liberty of making the windows larger,  omitted the cars and added a hint of colour in the sky and buildings to (attempt to) capture the lighting in the photograph. I hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “Dreary Winter Afternoon

    • I’m glad you thinks so, because that’s more or less the reason I make these kinds of drawings. My drawing is what I see in my head when I look at the real image. Whenever I look at anything my brain automatically eliminates the ugly from my view and I observe and enjoy the beautiful parts 🙂


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