We often make crepes for breakfast on the weekends. The kids love it (who doesn’t love an excuse to ingest copious amounts of maple syrup?!) and they’re very easy to make. The ingredients are simple: milk, flour and eggs. I use one cup of flour and about 3/4 cup milk per one egg. But to be perfectly honest I don’t usually measure the milk, I just keep pouring until it looks right. The batter should have an off-white colour and should pour freely and easily, but it shouldn’t be too runny.


Beat the eggs first, then slowly add the flour and milk. In order to feed two adults and two young children I use two eggs, two cups of flour and about one and a half cups of milk. If you need a bigger serving simply throw in another egg, another cup of flour and some more milk…When making a larger batch I add the flour and milk in installments: beat the eggs first, then add one cup of flour, then 3/4 cup of milk, then another cup of flour, then another 3/4 cup of milk, etc. This makes it easier to keep the batter lump free. Also, adding a tablespoon of coconut to the batter can complement the taste of the crepes quite nicely. Or for an even more subtle hint of flavour you can simply grease the frying pan with coconut oil.

Let the pan get nice and hot before cooking.  Each crepe will take about two minutes–one minute per side or until it’s very light brown. I like to make small ones (that’s how my mother cooked them when I was young), but the batter cooks just as well with larger crepes.


My kids prefer “weird” shapes:


I don’t care what shape they are, as long as I have a mountain of them topped with maple syrup or honey:



One thought on “Crepes

  1. We had crepes this weekend too! Made exactly the same way, and with lots of maple syrup. Also homemade jam, from a colleague who makes it with apricots gathered from her own trees up in the Valais. Yum!


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