Maple Tree

Another “drawing in progress” is complete! We have an absolutely lovely maple tree in our backyard and I stare at it and soak it in everyday. It was particularly beautiful one morning after a light snowfall, just as the sun was rising:


When I first sat down to draw all the branches seemed a little daunting, and I wasn’t quite sure how well it was going to turn out. But once I started I didn’t want to stop, and I actually enjoyed making the millions of tiny branches. Perhaps because I had a new pencil that I kept sharpening every five minutes–fewer things are more satisfying than using a new pencil.

I tried to capture the early morning light by adding just a hint of colour to the sky, the trunk and the major branches.


The only thing I wish I could re-do is the hedge–I didn’t leave enough lighter coloured spaces so it’s lacking adequate depth. But at least the branches and blue sky draw the eye upward and away from the depth-less hedge.


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