Colourful Fish

Two posts in two days? How can this be?? Because I broke my wrist last Friday and now I can’t drive, so the time I would normally spend commuting I am instead spending drawing and blogging! I was able to finish the fish yesterday afternoon before hubby got home with the kids.

It may be a while before I am actually able to frame and hang it in the kids’ bathroom because my left hand is still mostly indisposed. This is what my left hand was doing while I was drawing:


More Drawings In Progress

I haven’t made the time to update my blog in the past few months, but I have been making some time here and there for my art. So here’s yet another post of some “drawings in progress.”

A few months ago I started a drawing to hang in our stairwell landing. It was inspired by a large mirror with a thick and colourful mosaic tile frame that I fell in love with at Pier 1 Imports. I never bought the mirror and I still regret it, so I thought I would make a drawing that reminds me of it.

I divided the paper into randomly sized sections and drew a different pattern within each section. I’m still not sure how many colours I will use overall, perhaps I will choose 10 to 15 colours and use them in different variations (the mirror had a similar number of colours). Or perhaps I will just go nuts, and add a million different colours. We shall see…

I recently started another drawing that was inspired by the mirror drawing. I enjoyed making the patterns, and I thought it would be fun to also make them within a specific outline. This was around the time I was painting the cabinet in our kids’ bathroom, which is why the outline ended up being a fish to be hung in said bathroom:

It’s almost done, I just need to finish the tail…

This last drawing was mostly unplanned. One day I got a sudden urge to attempt something with watercolours, and I decided I would tackle a photograph of my parents’ house that I had been intending to draw in pencil.

There is still much to be done before it’s complete, but I am happy with the direction it’s heading in…