Bright Autumn Forest

I helped a good friend move recently, and while doing so we came across a large canvas, still in it’s store wrapping. I offered to make a painting to adorn the walls of her new home and she enthusiastically accepted. She requested something colourful and vibrant so I thought I might try painting an autumn scene I captured years ago at my in-laws cottage.

Not a great copy of the photo–I printed it a long time ago and I think the digital copy is somewhere on an old PC, tucked away in our basement closet.

Progress has been slow since I don’t often have a large block of hours to devote to painting (especially with oils).

The background is done; I opted for a richer, deeper blue than the original photo in an attempt to accommodate my friend’s request for vibrancy. Before moving on to the trees I wanted to do a practice run, so I started a miniature version of the painting.

I plan to do them somewhat in tandem; completing each step first on the mini canvas before committing to the larger one.

Meanwhile, I’ve also made some progress on my large pattern: